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12524A.APR.3 Identify zeros of polynomials and use them to sketch a graph of the function.Arithmetic with Polynomials & Rational ExpressionsView
12625A.APR.7 part 1 Understand that rational expressions are like rational numbers in that they are closed under the four operationsArithmetic with Polynomials & Rational ExpressionsView
12726A.APR.7 part 2 Add and subtract rational expressionsArithmetic with Polynomials & Rational ExpressionsView
12727A.APR.7 part 3 Multiply and divide rational expressionsArithmetic with Polynomials & Rational ExpressionsView
12827A.REI.5 Proof that solutions to systems of equations remain the same after manipulating the equations algebraically.Reasoning with Equations & InequalitiesView
12928A.REI.6 part 1 Solve systems of linear equations in two variables exactlyReasoning with Equations & InequalitiesView
13029A.REI.6 part 2 Solve systems of linear equations in two variables approximatelyReasoning with Equations & InequalitiesView
13231F.IF.7a part 1 Graph linear functions and show the interceptsInterpreting FunctionsView
13332F.IF.7a part 2 Graph quadratic functions and show intercepts, maxima, and minimaInterpreting FunctionsView
13433Wheel of Fortune (Mathalicious)Ratios & Proportional RelationshipsView
13434Tyson v. LeBronRatios & Proportional RelationshipsView
135347.EE.2 Task Shop SmartExpressions & EquationsView
135357.EE.3 Task Let's PaintExpressions & EquationsView
135368.EE.5 Task Drops in a BucketExpressions & EquationsView
135378.EE.8 Task Baseball ShopExpressions & EquationsView
135388.F.2 Task Music DilemmaFunctionsView
135396.G.1 Task Disaster at SeaGeometryView
135406.G.2 Task Fish are FunGeometryView
135415.NF.6 Task King of CakesNumber & Operations - FractionsView
135425.NF.7 Task Pretzel PredicamentNumber & Operations - FractionsView
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