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10403G.CO.10 part 1 The measures of interior angles of a triangle sum to 180 degrees.CongruenceView
10504G.CO.10 part 2 Base angles of isosceles triangles are congruentCongruenceView
10505G.CO.5 Transform one geometric figure onto another using translation, rotation, and reflection.CongruenceView
10605G.CO.10 part 3 The segment joining the midpoints of two sides of a triangle is parallel to the third side and half its length.CongruenceView
10706G.CO.10 part 4 The medians of a triangle meet at a point.CongruenceView
10807G.C.3 part 1 Construct the inscribed circle of a triangle.CirclesView
10908G.C.3 part 2 Construct the circumscribed circle of a triangleCirclesView
11110G.C.3 part 3 Properties of angles for quadrilaterals inscribed in a circleCirclesView
11211N.CN.9 Fundamental Theorem of Algebra; and show that it is true for quadratic polynomialsThe Complex Number SystemView
11312A.APR.1 part 1 Polynomials (like Integers) are closed under addition, subtraction, and multiplicationArithmetic with Polynomials & Rational ExpressionsView
11413A.APR.1 part 2 Add, Subtract, and Multiply PolynomialsArithmetic with Polynomials & Rational ExpressionsView
11514A.REI.1 Explain each step in solving an equationReasoning with Equations & InequalitiesView
11615A.REI.3 part 1 Solving equations and inequalities in one variableReasoning with Equations & InequalitiesView
11616A.REI.3 part 2 Solve linear equations with coefficients represented by lettersReasoning with Equations & InequalitiesView
11716A.REI.10 The graph of an equation is the set of all its solutionsReasoning with Equations & InequalitiesView
11817A.REI.2 part 1 Solve simple rational equations in one variableReasoning with Equations & InequalitiesView
11918A.REI.2 part 2 Solve simple radical equations in one variableReasoning with Equations & InequalitiesView
12120A.REI.2 part 3 Extraneous solutions when solving rational and radical equationsReasoning with Equations & InequalitiesView
12221A.SSE.4 part 1 Derive the formula for the sum of a finite geometric series when the common ratio is not one.Seeing Structure in ExpressionsView
12322A.SSE.4 part 2 Use the formula for the sum of a finite geometric series to solve problemsSeeing Structure in ExpressionsView
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