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7373Chi-Square PencastGeometryView
7778Subtraction Word ProblemGeometryView
89898.G.8 Apply the Pythagorean Theorem to find the distance between two points in a coordinate system.GeometryView
90908.G.7 Apply the Pythagorean Theorem to determine unknown side lengths.GeometryView
135396.G.1 Task Disaster at SeaGeometryView
135406.G.2 Task Fish are FunGeometryView
135538.G.4 Task Graphic Art ContestGeometryView
14544S.ID.1 Represent data with plots on the real number lineInterpreting Categorical & Quantitative DataView
15050S.ID.9 Distinguish between correlation and causationInterpreting Categorical & Quantitative DataView
15150S.ID.7 Interpret the slope and the y-intercept of a linear model in the context of the data.Interpreting Categorical & Quantitative DataView
4040Average Rate of ChangeInterpreting FunctionsView
4747Characteristics of FunctionsInterpreting FunctionsView
5555What is a function?Interpreting FunctionsView
5959Pencast F-IF.4Interpreting FunctionsView
13231F.IF.7a part 1 Graph linear functions and show the interceptsInterpreting FunctionsView
13332F.IF.7a part 2 Graph quadratic functions and show intercepts, maxima, and minimaInterpreting FunctionsView
13635F.IF.7b part 1 Graph the square root and cube root functions and identify key features of the graph.Interpreting FunctionsView
13736F.IF.7b part 2 Graph step and absolute value functions and identify key features.Interpreting FunctionsView
13938F.IF.7c Graph polynomial functions given the equation; identify zeros and show end behaviorInterpreting FunctionsView
14039F.IF.3 Recognize that sequences are functions whose domain is a subset of the integersInterpreting FunctionsView
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