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20208.EE.1 Laws of Exonents: negative and zero exponentsExpressions & EquationsView
23238.EE.8 Simultaneous EquationsExpressions & EquationsView
2929Quotient Property of ExponentsExpressions & EquationsView
30327-EE-4a Solving problems using equationsExpressions & EquationsView
3233Multiplying IntegersExpressions & EquationsView
3434Using Algebraic Tiles to Model and Simplify ExpressionsExpressions & EquationsView
4243Proportional Rate of ChangeExpressions & EquationsView
4244Subtracting IntegersExpressions & EquationsView
4545Comparing Proportional Relationships using real-life examplesExpressions & EquationsView
4949Properties of Integer ExponentsExpressions & EquationsView
6060Solving Two Step EquationsExpressions & EquationsView
92928.EE.2 part 1 Use and understand the square root and cube root symbols.Expressions & EquationsView
93938.EE.2 part 2 Evaluate small perfect squares and cubes; understand that the square root of 2 is irrational.Expressions & EquationsView
94948.EE.3 part 1 Estimate very big and very small numbers with the notation k X 10^n.Expressions & EquationsView
95958.EE.3 part 2 Express how much one number is of another when in the form of k X 10^nExpressions & EquationsView
135347.EE.2 Task Shop SmartExpressions & EquationsView
135357.EE.3 Task Let's PaintExpressions & EquationsView
135368.EE.5 Task Drops in a BucketExpressions & EquationsView
135378.EE.8 Task Baseball ShopExpressions & EquationsView
2424y=mx+b defines a linear functionFunctionsView
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